Respectable Transportation Companies

There are a lot of transportation companies to choose from when it comes to getting from the Orlando and Sanford airports to Port Canaveral. Some may often offer some unbelievable deals that are cheaper then a lot of other companies which can be too good to be true and a lot of times are. These deals are usually done by what are called gypsies.

Gypsies are individuals that operate their services without city permits, proper licensing, and no form of commercial insurance. This is why a lot of these companies can afford to take you for a cheaper price; however can put you and your family at risk. If the driver where to get into an accident along the way chances are your family may not be covered. You could also prepay for services that you may never receive.

Transportation companies that are permitted have to be licensed and insured before they can receive these decals. This is a way for the city ordinances to keep track of transportation companies for tourist that visit each year. Its always a good idea to ask if these companies are permitted and insured before using their services.

One way to find out if a company is permitted with the city and local airports is to check the Orlando Airport website. This will have a list of all the Orlando transportation companies. Only those companies that are permitted and insured will be listed on their sites.

The permits that most transportation companies should have is one for the city of orlando and another for the Orlando airport itself. If you are flying into the Sanford Airport then there should be yet another one for the Sanford airport and last but not least one for Port Canaveral if the company is taking you there. Most companies will have all these in the corner of their windshield.

One thing to keep in mind when you are getting a quote for your transportation needs is what the cost actually involves. Legible transportation companies have toll, driver,insurance, gas, and maintenance expenses that they have to figure in and last but not least some type of profit.